The Role Of Hobbies In Childhood

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

As a person, what defines you in general is the way you think, your actions, your profession, your interests and your hobbies. And these qualities that we develop have their base in our childhood. Today, maybe your current profession is a by-product of a hobby that had been inculcated into you when you were younger. Maybe, activities or hobbies that you took immense interest in during your childhood are now your escape from the monotony. You see? Hobbies play an important role in our lives now and they did so then too. Rest assured, perhaps building and developing hobbies back in your growing years have had a hand in influencing more than just your childhood. And that is exactly why they play a massive role in your life and why it’s important to explore, find and maintain them while you’re young. Let’s learn about what role exactly do they play.


A hobby is simply an activity that is enjoyable, refreshing and at the same time strengthening in some way. So when a child is given the space to explore, find out his/her interests and eventually discover their hobbies, it should be encouraged. Having a few constructive hobbies is said to increase focus, attentiveness, self-esteem and empathy. In retrospect, these affect the child’s overall personality and well-being.


Inculcating a few hobbies into a child’s routine also means they let go of the video games, phones and the television. If they have an activity to do in their free time that is motivating and equally entertaining, other less inspiring and toxic pastimes naturally take a back step. When a child has productive interests in creative activities, art forms and/or sports, the urge to invest time and energy on lazy and unstimulating leisure activities depletes dramatically.


For most people, their careers bud from their childhood hobbies and interests. With an array of hobbies to partake in as a child, you also explore and realize your long-term passions, which help in giving you clarity on what you’d like to pursue later. If a child is encouraged to have hobbies in his early years, he’ll be firm with his goals by the time he has to make important career decisions.


Well, kids have stress too. And of course, engaging in leisure activities that are also constructive and mentally/physically stimulating is a great stress buster. Keeping one’s mind active and busy with meaningful hobbies helps in kicking out unnecessary and inevitable stress that comes from school, curriculums, peers and family.


Expression being one primary need of any individual and for children, whose mind and personality are still in the process of developing fully, it’s extremely important. However, not every child may be fluent with expression. There are some kids who hardly have difficulty in expressing themselves and then there are some who may not be comfortable expressing directly. Letting such kids express themselves through a hobby is ideal and very crucial in this situation. In general, every child, irrespective of their personality, needs to be encouraged to build and pursue hobbies that becomes their medium of expression, self-discovery and eventually a motivator in the long run!

Written and Edited by - Akshi Ranka

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