How To Promote Creativity In A Child?

Why do we encourage young kids to pursue certain hobbies, competitions, and send them for extra-curricular activities? Of course, there is a reason why we do so. It has a lot to do with their development as a person, and framing their personality as an adult. Now, infusing creativity in a child is just a part of this process of personality development. Whether, a child’s interest and mind leans on the artistic side or not, this discipline still remains a crucial element.

This is not raw creativity that we are referring to here, though. When we speak about creativity in kids, it may or may not indicate the traditional creative activities and hobbies like dancing, painting, or writing. Creativity, in general refers to an untamed flow of thoughts and emotions, raw imagination and abstract thinking. And, that is something that every person has, but may need to activate. To trigger this creativity and promote it for the betterment of a person is what is needed to be done in their childhood. That’s exactly what a parent or a guardian should keep in mind. Instigating this creative flow in a child is different than just having them engage in a creative hobby or an activity. Here is how the former can be done.


Encourage them to play games or engage in activities that give them chances to create something. Painting, drawing, sketching and other games that urge them to fabricate and make something is what could be included here.


Giving some time to kids to do nothing in particular is also as important as having them to do something productive. Reason? Free time will give them the time to have their thoughts run wild, and find something to do at their own will, leading them to explore their creative sensibilities in the real sense.


Creativity in real terms is meant to stimulate critical thinking that is helpful as an adult. It aids problem-solving and brainstorming. One organic way to cultivate critical thinking is by asking them real questions about how they would approach a certain situation, and what they think of a certain issue. Older kids are made to understand and are prepared for real world scenarios better with this.


Give them the space to explore, recognise and eventually pursue their creative interests, which may later develop into a hobby or a career choice. At the same time, what is imperative is to push them to try their hand at different things. That can help them identify their strengths and shortcomings, making the process of exploring their creativity easier.

Written and Edited by - Akshi Ranka

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