How To Foster Imagination In A Child?

Contrary to what most people believe, imagination is not just an accessory to creativity or just something the human mind is capable of. Imagination for an individual is what boosts free thinking and opens up the mind. It is something that people engage in when the mind is bored or something that is active involuntarily in the background to other thoughts and activities. However, it is also something that opens up new avenues, triggers new ideas, and is an accompaniment to most professions. Having said that, it is imperative to build and boost that imagination in the right direction when it is just budding, i.e. during the childhood. Now, some people believe that there is no need for the same because imagination is something that is natural to humans and doesn’t need a push. However, giving your child’s imagination some concreteness and direction is important for them in the long run. It not only aids their thinking with open-mindedness and curiosity, but also hones their problem-solving skills in general.

Here are a few ways parents can foster their kid’s imagination skills.

1. Engage the child in conversations and direct questions at him.

The most passive yet effective way of instigating the right kind of imaginative skills in a child is to engage him in intriguing and thoughtful conversations. Ask them questions on what, how, and when something should happen. Ask them their opinions and urge them to describe things and concepts while creating ones of their own.

2. Allow them to make choices

When faced with a situation, as trivial as choosing between two colours or something more mature, leave it to them to make their own choices. Let them juggle their options and make their decisions.

3. Give them space to work things out their own way

Allowing them some free space of mind and otherwise not only gives them the opportunity to explore and experiment with their thoughts and other things, but also encourages them to visualize independently with no boundaries.

4. Encourage him to participate in competitions and workshops

Participating in competitions, being a part of extra-curricular activities and workshops is another productive way to develop active and concrete imagination.

5. Incorporate reading and games that stimulate thinking into their schedule

Reading to your child, encouraging him to develop a habit of reading daily, and vocalizing his thoughts on the reading material is by far the best way to boost someone’s imagination and creative thinking. Certain games that require the player to make use of their imagination and creativity also should be encouraged.

Written and Edited by - Akshi Ranka

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