How did y'all become friends ?

Are you one of those people to whom this question is asked frequently each time you are seen with your best friend(s) ? Does your whole khaandaan know who your best friend is ? Do your parents trust them more than you while you both go out ?

There's no doubt that friendships are beautiful and they are important. Most of us have a best friend or best friends and the story behind 'how we became friends' is always insane and a worth remembering one. There can be various sources of you becoming friends with someone. Here are 9 sources through which you might have met your 'Yaar' :

1. The Chuddy Buddy

The Chuddy Buddies are those friends whom you met in your school. These are one of the most precious type of friends because you meet them in the early years of schooling. The one friend who used to sit besides you on the same bench during kindergarten and then every year after that. The buddy with whom you had made golden memories in school, the one with whom school life felt less miserable. You might not have liked your school very much but you surely gotta thank it for introducing you to your Chuddy Buddy !

2. The Influencers

During school, you meet people who are mostly from the same locality or background and by spending good 10-12 years with them, you get used to the crowd. Those people kind of become your comfort zone, but things change when you go to college. I would like to call the friends whom you meet in college, 'The Influencers'. The Influencers are those people whom you meet in early days of college, share the same interests, sometimes the same class or field and become friends. Due to their diverse backgrounds and upbringing they have a lot of influence on you. You learn a lot of different and new things from them and vice versa. The college is new for you as well as for them and that's why y'all try a number of new and exciting things together and thus, become close friends.

3. The Friend-next-door

As the name says it all, here is that one friend in the neighborhood with whom you have grown up. Since, you have been living with them in the same area, you have played all your childhood games with them and had your fair share of breaking-the-neighbour's-window moments. You have a such a strong bond with them that you visit each other's house frequently without informing and your parents might as well, be friends with their parents. They are the reason you have never ever thought of leaving that area and because of whom your childhood was so colourful.

4. The Partner-in-crime

I call the 'Partner-in-crime' to those epic creatures, with whom you mess up all the family gatherings by either doing pranks on the uncle and aunties you hate or by spreading some hilarious rumours. Yes, I'm talking about your cousins ! These people are a mixture of sibling and bestfriend. They not only make the family functions less boring but also understand you on a personal level because they are a part of your family. They always provide a great company when it comes to judging the most annoying relatives together !

5. The Dur-ka-dost

We all have many, many dur-ke-dost. They are the ones who are introduced to us through a mutual friend. Sometimes we forget that they even exist, because we might have met them only once or twice, awkwardly, when that mutual friend of yours invited you both to an event or something. In some cases, you both meet quite often, share some same interests and become good friends ! The conclusion could be that y'all become a trio or you both become so close friends that the mutual friend kinds of fades out and becomes the dur-ka-dost !

6. The Almost-Sibling Friend

These are your sibling's best friend who visit your home frequently and you get to see them quite often. Being your siblinng's age (mostly) and hanging out with them, you feel like even they are one of your brother/sister. You even refer to them as 'bhaiyya' or 'didi' whenever they are around. You might like or dislike them but you will talk to them sometimes just to know a little more about your sibling. You and your Almost-Sibling friend along with your sibling can form a trio and one thing is for sure that such trios are rare and fun !

7. The Accidental Friend

These are the most unexpected ones. You meet them either at a park, a cafe, a shop or an event; in short, somewhere in a public place but very unexpectedly. In this case, the stranger-turned-friend or you (or both) might be extrovert. One of you would have got bored and randomly started talking about the weather, the bad food at the place or what's going around. The conversation goes so well and long lasting that y'all exchange contact and meet a couple of more times and become friends. To be honest, friendships at school, college, office, etc. also start in the same way sometimes.

8. The Internet Friend

We have to admit it, for those of us use social media, we have a lot of them. We meet them through some common online page, group, or just randomly. Talking to them is so easier because we just gotta sit behind that screen and type and we're kind of great at that. Some of them become too special to us and we talk to them way too much. We either meet them after being really good friends or never ever meet them in real life due to long distance, busy schedules or some other reasons. Not all the online friends are good friends, 90% of them are those we just once had a small talk with and then we ghost each other forever. Still, they will be in our friends/followers list !

9. The Frenemies

These are my personal favourites. Your 'Isse toh adopt kiya tha' siblings are your best friends and no doubt, your worst enemies. You can die for them but you will never ever let them have the TV remote. Even if there's no one besides you, your siblings always have your back. You make the best team with them when it comes to standing against your parents to get some request accepted. They can be annoying as hell most of the time, but they'll always pick you up when you fall, even if they were the ones who pushed you in the first place !

Relatable huh? For those who could relate to at least 5-6 of them or even all 9, a big CONGRATULATIONS ! You are surrounded by those amazing people who you should be grateful for making your life a little less boring, hard and sad by just being you friend.

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