Holistic Approach To Holistic Learning

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Holistic Learning focuses on the unique needs of a child and it promotes learning and development in all aspects such as physical, mental, social, and emotional. Through such learning, a child is able to process information faster, develop a unique perspective and have the confidence to face failures. Though holistic learning can be imparted in a myriad of ways, let’s take a look at some of the traits that a child will develop.

  • Individuality

The Holistic Approach to learning recognizes the uniqueness of each and every child and acknowledges the fact that there is no single teaching style that suits every single one.  Each one is encouraged to learn in their own time and pace, and go to different paths. This helps a child gain more independence and confidence in their learning and helps them embrace their individuality and uniqueness.

  • Layered Intelligence

In this approach, simple memorization is highly discouraged. The child is able to  focus more on the understanding and application of knowledge to real world scenarios and situations. This allows a child to have a more advanced comprehension skill and makes them think more on their feet. Their problem-solving skills are also be improved.

  • Emotional Health

The emotional well-being of a child plays just a big a part as their mental well-being with regards to holistic development. If a child is emotionally stable, he/she will be able to learn and understand more new material and information. This is done by promoting the child’s independence and confidence, which is highly encouraged in holistic learning.

  • Creativity

The Holistic Learning approach motivates each child to open themselves up to the world and explore. This allows them to know not only the world but also themselves. Having this trait, along with individuality and layered intelligence, will allow a child’s creativity to be limitless.

The benefits are not limited to just these traits but many more. All that matters is how one is able to develop a child through their interests and give the freedom of choice. 

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