Drug Use At An Early Age

Like other temptations that lure individuals belonging in this vulnerable age gap of thirteen to twenty, drug abuse is one of them. With more and more cases of drug addiction amongst teens these days in most parts of the world, its awareness and the need for intervention has also increased. Drug addiction is major concern for sufferers and their beloved.

Naturally, it is a furthermore area of concern for adolescents. Young people in that age are perpetually dealing with major hormonal changes and outbursts, emotional changes, and of course, changes in their social life. These make them prone to these vices and hence, addiction.


Curiosity is one factor that pushes teens into drug use first. Peer pressure and curiosity that more or less go hand in hand are primarily responsible for leading them in that way. During that age, kids are surrounded more by their peers than by their family. It is, hence easy to be influenced by them and their decisions than by the parents. Most teens take a dip into drug use simply out of curiosity or a nudge by a friend. And before they know it, they are deep down into it. Dysfunctional home life can also be a catalyst to drug abuse. Kids may get involved with drugs with the desire to escape reality.


Poor hygiene, loss of interest from daily activities, bloodshot eyes, lethargy, and distantness are some of the signs that indicate drug use in a child. Depression, reckless and/or violent behaviour, mood swings, and strange behaviour are some additional symptoms that should be a reason to look into the matter.


It is the parents who should and need to acknowledge these signs in their teen child. More than that, what needs to be done is to show understanding and an approachable demeanour for them to be able to reach out to you for help. Drug abuse is an issue that is largely stigmatised and looked at as a serious offense more than a health concern. What teens who suffer from drug addiction need first is for you to understand and show support for their betterment. Reprimanding them or socially isolating them is not the solution. Identifying that your child has a problem, acknowledging it, making them realise the same, and then taking a step towards professional help with rehab is advisable here.

Teens that get tangled in the toxic mess of drug addiction should be looked at as sufferers of any other mental illness and not as culprits. They should be approached and treated with kindness. That is how there will be more and more awareness of this problem and in turn, its eradication.

Written and Edited by - Akshi Ranka

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