Our Mistakes

When you set out to do things bigger than you can imagine, you make mistakes. You make them and you learn from them. You fall like a baby, but you get up and you get up stronger than you've ever been. 

Throughout our journey we've made those mistakes, but we've learned from them and moved forward. It takes courage to get up when you fall a thousand time but our intentions are stronger than our excuses and that makes us get up every time we fall and become better. Each day, Each second.

Let's us take you through our journey and learn from the mistakes we've made as an organisation.

August 2016
  • Failure to document the process and assess the impact of the project on a quantitative as well qualitative basis. 

  • Failure to take a baseline test of the pilot project beneficiaries 

Jan 2017
May 2017
  • Failure to document collaborations and successes 

  • Not starting the process of registration of NGO 

  • Relying completely on profits made on selling of products 

  • Only focusing on ENT Program

June 2017
December 2017
  • Creating a fellowship structure with only 5 individuals who were not able to work together seamlessly 

  • Directionless growth (Very day to day living) 

  • No long-term sustainable solution of growth of the organization 

  • Differences in volunteer schedules impacting the growth of the beneficiaries 

  • Mismanagement of funds and accounts

Jan 2018
April 2018
  • Allowing deadlines to pass without repercussions 

  • No Risk/Reward for team to look forward to 

  • Accepting students without any tests or background 

  • Saying YES to any collaboration without understanding of use 

  • Absence of proper impact evaluation system in place

  • Absence of mentorship and coaching 

  • Not being able to complete curriculum for all programs 

And what are we doing to make it better..

  • Established a process of evaluation for entrance into Ichchha 

  • Created a youth-based led organizational structure with defined responsibilities, goals and timelines 

  • Established a reporting system with data collection and required interventions. 

  • Created departments specifically for program content, partnerships. Funding, marketing, HR and impact evaluation.

  • Involved the school staff to contribute to schedules and program content 

  • Creating efficient systems which will work without interference.

  • Integrating technology in terms of productivity.

Since April 2018