Essel World


You only get one life! So having fun is necessary. 😍


ICHCHHA Kids were taken to Essel World as part of their year ending activity.


Kudos to our partnership team for pulling off such a great collaboration! 😎 

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An amazing experience for both our kids and volunteers as we extended our entrepreneurship course to conduct a workshop to a wider audience while our children indulged in creating art with leftover denim material graciously provided by Pepe Jeans. 

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For the Independence Day! 🇮🇳

This collaboration was a special one as it helped us see and recognize the bravest sons of the nation as we and the children wrote our appreciation for our soldiers down in letters. 

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As part of the crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with Bitgiving, ICHCHHA, and its students successfully launched the "Bachpan" range and were able to raise more than INR 1,00,000 respectively. 

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ICHCHHA collaborated with State Bank of India for its Entrepreneurship Program and was able to raise INR 35,000 in all which was utilized towards a projector, speakers, school-bags, & books for the school and the ICHCHHA students. 

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A great platform wherein the fellow's team of ICHCHHA made an effort to sell stationery items designed by our kids as a part of their entrepreneurship curriculum. 

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An amazing day that brought together students from the two schools that we work with in order to encourage a bond and draw inspiration from another through a play performed and written by the students, marked by a dental camp examining all the pearly whites. 

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ENT Workshop - ITI Group of Companies

Immense validation came when the team was invited by ITI to conduct a workshop for women and children residing in remote areas near Khargar. 

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An amazing collaboration with one of the famous pioneers of the Bollywood Industry and an integral part of the duo known as Sachin-Jigar was one that brought out unreal validation as he showed his support for the initiative by conducting an art competition. The winning design is now being converted into digitized t-shirts to be manufactured and sold as our official merchandise. We thank BTOS productions for the amazing opportunity. 

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Challenging the conventional approach to teaching, Paathshaala is an initiative by the Rotaract club of HR college, Mumbai wherein learning is made fun by various activities like drama, elocutions and so much more. 

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An exceptional day out for the students of ICHCHHA which involved an in-depth tour of the RBI Monetary Museum. The tour included the history of coinage, the importance of banking and money. 

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Shaun Williams - Theatre Actor

Acting is perhaps the only thing that pushes you to meet yourself as it forces you to step into various other shoes. Mr. Shaun Williams helped our children explore themselves on a deeper level with fun activities followed by a discussion on what it really takes to become an actor and the struggle entailed. 

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Uddeshya Mumbai - Session on Bullying

A peer education training program conducted by Uddeshya Mumbai wherein they helped our students in defining the true evil that ragging is and how it changes the lives of everyone involved for the worse. 

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Dancing to the beats of traditional Zumba music fused with Bollywood, this was an exhilarating workshop that filled our hearts with song and ripped us into shape.