"When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute." - Simon Sinek

At ICHCHHA, we are thriving to build a culture of feelers and doers. We believe that humans are capable of achieving wonderful things and if given the right resources, they can create enormous impact.

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Poorvaja Sundar

Founder and Lead Changemaker

I see Ichchha in a couple of years to have become the epitome of the youth-for-change movement. To be working for the upliftment of the underprivileged students, not just to provide education, skills, and personal growth but to create future leaders of India.


I want to see the youth get excited to contribute for the society. To want to make a difference, not for the accolades and the compliments, but for the cause itself. I want Ichchha to be a community, filled with students, parents, municipal schools, principals, the able youth and the society at large, working constantly together to improve, learn and grow.


A family that’s proud when you succeed and supports you when you fail.




Head of Partnerships and Collaborations

This initiative by Ikavanshu foundation has, very appropriately, been defined as the desire to break free of all constraints and achieve what we can through tremendous hard work and undisputed integrity.


My vision for Ichchha is derived from the very aim that drives everyone associated with the organization. It is to turn the “Ichchha family”, as all the stakeholders call it, into a full-fledged community that learns and grows together. The core ideology that dwells deep within each one of us is to build and be a part of such a society which offers equal opportunities irrespective of social, financial and economic restraints.


I see it as a pillar that upholds, strengthens and guides the dreams of those, who regardless of various limitations like social status, can accomplish all that they set out in pursuit of.




Head of Impact Evaluation

I would like to make Ichchha a space that brings along like-minded and passionate people who’re driven by cause and not an incentive. And I strongly believe that the kind of impact an organization creates is the kind of people it attracts.


Along with my team, I would like to make Ichchha one of the most efficiently run and impactful social enterprises. One, to genuinely serve the cause of holistic development of the kids and two, to attract zealous individuals who feel for the cause and use the space to explore themselves as leaders.


Since Impact Evaluation is data driven and engages with every single stakeholder, I want Ichchha to be looked upon as a support system. For the students with respect to their careers and future interests, for the parents in terms of any sort of aid and for the change makers in terms of personal growth.




Head of Human Resources

My vision for Ichchha is to build a close-knit community. Everyone associated with us should feel special and valued. Everyone should know that he or she has someone they can bank upon.


We want all our stakeholders to have a sense of belonging with Ichchha Foundation. We want to keep on focusing on the personal development of all by conducting workshops and going for community walks.  


We are what we are today only because of our extremely exuberant kids, very passionate volunteers, and over-the-top supportive parents. We all want to GROW together.




Head of Programs

Every being on this planet has the right to education. Some are privileged enough to get the best of it, while the circumstances aren’t right for the others.


I want the youth in this country to realize their potential and help the underprivileged children answer the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the things around them, wanting them to have dreams and guiding them achieve it.




Head of Marketing

There must have been times when you felt like your voice wasn't heard. It has always been a motivating factor for me to not let others suffer from what I did. To help them gain from my experience and learn from my mistakes.


My vision for Ichchha is to make it a place where each and every voice is heard and every story is shared and still make it a place where anyone who wants to share and express, can.


I, along with other wonderful people working alongside me are making sure that whatever impact Ichchha is creating is shown and be as transparent as we can in our operations.